Three generations of lubricants since 1890

The history of Denicol goes back to 1890, when Henri Denies started the business, selling petroleum, to be used in petrol lamps.

The introduction of automobile industry meant a significant step forward for Leon Marcel Denies, who took over the business from his father in 1925.

Since 1975, the third generation continued the business as Jan Denies, who worked for many years as a sales representative for Denicol, became managing director. Since then, the company continued to grow and has become nowadays a significant producer of top quality lubricants.

The company has acquired international fame through its oils for competition motorsport. Among many others, Jacky Martens, JoŽl Smets, Kristers Sergis, Tony Cairoli and Clťment Desalle used the complete range of Denicol products for many years and have contributed to the international expansion of the brand 'Denicol'.

Denicol Motor Oils now exports a very wide range of product to several European countries.

Our clients are: motor shops, garages and distributors of cars, trucks, industrial and agricultural machinery and various industries.